Chapter 2: Technology and R&D

Tech in a Nutshell


The idea behind our approach is to focus on solutions allowing ToON Token to go viral now in order to switch to its mass adoption technologies in the nearest future. Our basic smart contract is now live on Ethereum and ToON Token asset is available to investors.
Bridges to fast chains (BSC, Polygon) will allow us to start, but we will work towards our own polygon-kind solution that will be a perfect vehicle for ToonCoin: a faster version our token that can be used for day-to-day payments.


Currently we actively work on community building, a fully-fledged website is in the pipeline.

Peer Spirit

We are committed to the spirit of blockchain and open source development, so our codebase is public and we welcome peer contributions: GitHub - tooncoin/toontoken.

iOS & Android Apps are Live :rocket:


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