Chapter 5: ToON Audience

ToON Audience

ToON Ecosystem is targeted at the following audiences:

  • Web2: users of photo editing apps linked to the ToON Ecosystem: lateral promotion of the ToON Token and ToonCoin is aimed at this group.
  • Web3: owners of crypto wallets with some experience in crypto investing.

Web2 users

They see an artwork somewhere on the Internet and get the application in order to create and share a similar image on their socials.

  • They get one of our apps without crypto in mind.
  • Upon starting the app, they discover ToON Ecosystem built around crypto and focused on charity.
  • By sharing their new art with our logo, they spread the word among their followers and friends, both crypto-oriented and not.
  • By becoming loyal users of our apps, they constantly contribute to ToON brand awareness.

Web3 users

They see artwork made with our apps in their feeds (friends from the web2 audience) and realize that:

  • Similar images can be made within the app

  • The app is a part of a crypto project

  • The crypto project is focused on developing Ecosystem, building a unique DAO and also connected with charity.

  • The developers behind it are good at making competitive visuals and becoming viral.

On learning more about the project, they may:

  • Buy tokens, and
  • Use our apps to promote ToON in a conscious way to profit from its growth

ToON Public Roadmap →

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