Chapter 6: ToON Public Roadmap

Hey guys, here is the first version of ToON Road Map v1!

Date Focus Status
SEPTEMBER 2021 Started working on smart contract, while polishing the concept. Done
23 DECEMBER 2021 Smart contract deployed, first one pager released. Done
8 NOVEMBER 2022 Soft launch of the first ToonCoin mobile app and ToONPaper v 0.1 Done
30 DECEMBER 2022 Soft launch of Done
Q1 2023 Official public launch of ToON Token. First promo activities in crypto space. First collaborations with apps. To Do
Q2 2023 Launch of ToonCoin wallet on fast L2 blockchain. Advanced promo activities. To Do
Q3 2023 First charity distributions. To Do
Q4 2023 Launch of ToonChain: a separate ToonCoin L2 blockchain. To Do

iOS & Android Apps are Live :rocket:


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