ToON Story

Creativity is all love, passion and desire: love for what you do, passion for new ideas and desire to bring those to people fast. These love, passion and desire are the backbone of our project from the very start. Yet, we had to learn about other components of success in the area we chose to explore, and at times we had to learn the hard way.

Plans are nothing, planning is everything

Fascinated by the concept behind ToON, we dived into implementing it head first without going through the tried and trusted “Why you shouldn’t do it” checklist. We were certain that the market would welcome ToON just for the beauty of the idea without any further customizations.

So, the first version, released on December 23 2021, was minimalistic to put it mildly, as we expected some initial demand to drive follow up content development and token price rise. Admittedly, the launch was a complete failure. We did manage to get some eager enthusiasts on board, but no mass adoption followed. Reasons for that remained unclear to us for some time.

Later we discovered that the project website was a total miss. Vague and misleading, it failed to deliver the message without clarifications from us. Overall, it was confusing and made people suspect a scam.

Rock bottom

We learned the lesson though, and returned to the drawing board. Yes, being back at square one was frustrating. Our expectations about the launch were quite moderate, yet, we could not foresee an almost 100% failure.

Ready for a fresh start, we were giving each other a pep talk, but we got out of the frying pan into the fire.

Well, not a fire, but a bearish trend on the one hand, war on the other, and lots of good yet time consuming things happening with our main business.

Our products, Photo Lab and ToonMe went viral at the beginning of the year, reaching #1 overall positions in many countries of the world even occupying both #1 and #2 spots simultaneously at times. Later our new NewProfilePic app became a worldwide hit reaching #1 in the US, Canada, and many places across Europe. Even the Crown Prince of Dubai has set our NewProfilePic viral effect as his Instagram profile picture.

At the same time it always takes additional human assets and skills to cope with everything that goes with this kind of success (like high server loads or keeping an eye and commenting on the press), and at some point we didn’t have enough management capacity to handle all the challenges that kept piling up, so instead of being relaunched the ToonCoin project was suspended.

Losing the spark to get up as fire

Today we still have the love, the passion and the desire, plus a lot of experience. We also have a good success record with other projects, so instead of being desperate we are inspired to keep moving forward. We believe that every time you fall you have to get up and push harder. It’s the only recipe for success.

So, we will definitely try again and the time for it is now. Join us to see what happens.