Chapter 1: Introduction into Toon

Hello World!

The Web2 world we are familiar with actively evolves into Web3 we want to know better. The tech and audiences built around Web2 products get into synergy with new ownership paradigm brought by Web3 innovations.

Who ToON are

ToON is a new initiative by the same expert team that launched Photo Lab, ToonMe, and NewProfilePic that went viral and achieved inspiring results over the past 2 years:

  • 200M+ downloads combined
  • #1 overall rankings in the App Store & Google Play in US, China, Japan and 40 geographies more

Our Vision

After adopting AI and Web2 we entered the Web3 domain. Our intention is to build our own community and develop the ToON DAO project together. Taking advantage of our combined experience in Web2 and Web3 we see our DAO grow around the following concepts:

Our DAO anticipates emerging methods of digital identity.

Provided the trend persists digital avatars combined with web3 ownership are going to become a major digital identity method in the Metaverse and get linked to users wallets.

Our DAO rests at the nexus of art, charity and finance.

With our technologies ToON holders can gain wealth and bring good to the world by creating beautiful artworks and sharing them on social media.

Our DAO lies at the heart of the following social and technological triangle.

We create AI-driven apps that use the viral power of social media to bring Web3 adoption mainstream through ToON Token.

Our DAO represents a unique equally beneficial ecosystem.

Our aim is to create a different kind of asset. An asset the success of which will not only be beneficial to its holders, but also will help to make the world a better place.

Our Journey

We cannot promise you a journey to the Moon, but we can promise that our activity will yield practical use cases. Unlike usual crypto teams that focus on chains and cryptography, we concentrate our efforts on building tools that let our community grow, by providing our token holders, and fans with amazing, cool and beautiful ways to promote our ecosystem, our vision, and our assets.

Also, we will be making one step at a time, gaining knowledge and experience!

If you think the way we do and want to take this journey with us, join ToON DAO → now and contribute to the project.


iOS & Android Apps are Live :rocket:


Technology & R&D →

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